Testimonials for BlackRock Investigations & Consulting

I've been practicing criminal defense law for 34 years. I've had some excellent investigators ove the years. Mike is the best. very professional, he just "gets the job done".

~ Jim Howaniac, Lewiston attorney and former Lewiston mayor

"I have used Mike for the past several years, exclusively, as my private investigator for all my civil and criminal matters. Mike is a true professional. He does top notch work on every assignment, has excellent turn around, and the intuition to know what needs to be done. His reports are timely and well written and I know when I prepare for trials, motions, or depositions that I can rely on what he wrote as always accurate and thorough. He has a great way of dealing with people from all walks of life and I cannot count the number of times he has been able to get what I thought would be difficult witnesses to talk. I simply cannot recommend his services enough. You will not be disappointed."

~ Walter McKee, McKee Law, LLC, P.A.


"I can also say that Mike Tuminaro is by far the best investigator I have ever worked with. He is top notch. He is thorough. He is very accessible and makes himself available at any time I need him. He tracks down almost everyone I need spoken with. He gets recorded statements from almost everyone. He behaves like I am the most important thing to him. I use his reports and recordings regularly in negotiations. They are very helpful in convincing the prosecutors to make much more favorable offers resulting in better outcomes for my clients. I did that today on a probation violation case. This is a regular happening for me. We get the best possible product from Mike. "

~ Ed Rabasco, Paradie & Rabasco, Lewiston, ME


"Thoroughly impressed with BlackRock's up-to-date technology capabilities and their commitment to detail. Efficient, professional, and courteous; qualities sorely missing in many businesses today."

~ Karen York, Rome, ME


"Thank you for recommending Michael Tuminaro to my firm. He did a terrific job for us."

~ John A. Roberts, Esq.


"I have worked with Mike Tuminaro for many years and have the highest respect for his abilities. He is a hard worker that gets the job done!"

~ Senator Scott Cyrway, Maine-R


"Not Guilty on all 15 counts; our client is a free man; thank you for all of your help."

~ George Hess, Esq. The Hess Law Firm, Lewiston, ME


"BlackRock Investigations is an outstanding investigations firm. We worked with them this past summer on a huge case in Maine, and we were extremely happy with not only the results, but the level of professionalism and work quality. Both were truly exceptional, and I highly recommend Michael Tuminaro and BlackRock Investigations as the best firm in Maine. You will not be disappointed."

~ Philip Kirsh, KIFO USA


I feel that your unbiased, thorough interviews with all involved in the underlying altercation allowed my client the ability to accurately assess the charges against him, the State's ability to prove the elements of the offenses, and ultimately, his chances at trial. Your services and results were timely, and they addressed the full range of concerning issues.

~ Jason Ranger, Esq.


The purpose of my note is to express my sincere thank you for all of the work you have done on my file. I know you have been tracking, following, and waiting for endless hours! Could you have achieved more as a professional investigator - caught him on camera with otherwise invisible and deniable evidence? Hearing from my attorney that it was all recorded completely surprised me! My attorney assures me it will serve us well. So once again, please accept this note as a testimonial of my sincere appreciation for everything that you have done for me.

~ Brenda, New Hampshire


Michael Tuminaro is dependable, ethical, and consistently exceeds expectation.

~ Mary-Anne LaMarre, Executive Director of the Maine Sheriff’s Association


Michael, Hi this is Wyn. We wanted to reach out to you and say, "THANK YOU"! This has been a long time coming... We don't know what will happen with these men but we just don't know how to thank you enough! I'll let you know how it comes along as we have much more that we can send him to just help in any way. And, anything you want to add ... just email. Our thanks!

~ The Cyr Family


In May I will have completed 45 years of practice. The great majority of my work has been in the area of criminal defense. How many of us struggle to find a private investigator who can develop a case from a defense standpoint? A good PI must be able to work closely with the attorney. A good PI must be willing to become familiar with rules of evidence in order to maximize the usefulness of their work. A good PI must be willing to treat each client with dignity and afford that person the presumption of innocence. The lack of a preconceived notion of guilt is crucial to a good investigation. A good PI will write a report that is not a formulistic police speak document. A good PI will share with you their feelings about the strength or weaknesses of the evidence they have gathered. A good PI will be creative, not giving up at the first hint of frustration. A good PI must be reliable. A good PI must be timely. A good PI must be reasonable with their fees. Several years ago I lost a PI to law enforcement. He had been my right hand for almost a decade. That PI met all these criteria and I have missed him desperately. It is a wonderful coincidence to have been introduced to Mike about a year and a half ago. I quickly became aware that Mike met each of the criteria which makes a good PI. I have steered a great portion of my office´s work to Mike. I enjoy working with him as does each member of Sharon and Milton. Our clients trust him and work closely with him oftentimes bypassing me entirely. It takes a huge amount of trust to permit a PI to work with a client directly. I hope Mike´s business continues to grow. I can only say that he gets an A plus beside his name for each of those criteria. I can guarantee you that your defense will be all the stronger with Mike running the investigation.

~ Lenny Sharon, Esq., Law Offices of Sharon and Milton


I've been practicing criminal defense law for over 20 years. I have represented thousands of clients and hired many private investigators to help them. I now exclusively employ Michael Tuminaro as my private investigator. Michael is the hardest working and most conscientious investigator I've ever employed. He not only does a great job getting me the information I request but he also uses his years of law enforcement experience to assist me and my clients. The information he is providing me is proving invaluable in resolving or, when necessary, trying my cases. I plan to continue to work with Michael in many more cases and I expect to receive the same quality work in each of them.

~ Henry W. Griffin, Esq.


I just finished listening to the interview that you did for us on the Levesque case. You did a great job eliciting information from him, letting him tell the story, listening, parsing it down to the important facts and getting him to recommit to those facts. I would go so far as to say masterful. Really, a very good job especially given the fact that you had a very limited idea of what this case was about. You pointed him in all the directs I would have gone in a deposition. Very well done.

~ Caleigh Milton, Esq., Sharon and Milton, Lewiston, ME


Excellent work. The client will be pleased.

~ Paul H. Duvall, Esq. King & Ballow Law Offices San Diego, CA


I want to thank you for your professionalism and for the way you handled two delicate situations on my behalf. Your professionalism, dedication and keeping a watchful eye, got us the results we were hoping for. I will definitely call you, if and when the need arises. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime!

~ Norm Elvin, Owner of China Dine-ah and G&E Roofing


Business today provides us with many unique challenges. The service provided by BlackRock helps fill a critical need across a wide range of topics. Having an association with BlackRock and the degree of experience and expertise they possess, ensures for us that when called upon for service, our needs will be professionally and discreetly attended to.

~ Mike Michaud, Director of Human Resources, UPM Madison


Excellent work on this case. Nice job.

~ Jason Dionne, Esq. Isaacson & Raymond


Michael is a detail oriented private investigator with proven results. I hire Michael when we have tough cases that need extra attention because of his stellar reputation and result driven track record with our agency. If you need an investigator for any case, large or small, I would highly recommend Michael Tuminaro.

~ Dan Gagnon, President of National Protective


Thanks for everything. I will say, that if you continue to run your business in the same way that you worked for us, I think you will be very successful. It was a pleasure working with you.

~ Trapper Clark, ALCOM


Fantastic work, Mike. Very impressive.

~ Bill Lee, O'Donnell, Lee, McCowan & Phillips


Mike is very talented, and has on countless occasions taken on immediately pending cases and produced important and needed reports.

~ Don Hornblower, Hornblower Law Offices, Lewiston, ME


I can tell you that I speak on behalf of the Androscoggin County bar in general that we have been pleased with Mike’s work. I especially appreciate his report writing skills. His reports are very easy to read. Mike is also almost always available to do work on short notice. I’ve been using Mike’s services for several years now.

~ James Howaniac, Esq., Lewiston, ME


I talked to my brother today. It was wonderful to reconnect with him. Although the news I had to tell him was sad I think we will stay in touch. Thanks again for your help in finding him for me.

~ Emily, Ohio


Your work was definitely the key to all of this!

~ Vickie, Auburn, Maine

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